Nursery & Preschool Ministry

Welcome to the Nursery! We are thrilled for your interest in our nursery program.

Nursery at Fairview consists of rooms for babies, toddlers/two year olds and three/four year olds. These three separate classrooms are available at the 9:45 Sunday School hour and the 11:00 Worship Service time. We also have one room for the 8:30am service if needed. We welcome you to bring your children to any one of our three nurseries available each Sunday. The classroom typically consists of two to three adult workers. These children’s workers are trained yearly and have passed a criminal background check. During the 9:45 Sunday school timeframe, you will see the same teachers each week. However, the 11:00 Worship Service hour consists of workers on a rotation basis, usually serving one time a month on the same Sunday each month.


The baby room is located on the first floor (same as the sanctuary) in room 112. It consists of a main playing room and sitting area but also houses another room with cribs for sleeping babies. This area is also a private place if nursing mothers desire privacy. The ages range from newborns to toddlers (new walkers). Even though 11:00 workers rotate as stated above; one of the consistent 9:45 workers is always in here at 11:00.


The toddler/twos room is across the hall from the babies with the entrance door nearer to the end of the hallway. It is room 109. This is a large room with a carpeted play area, sink, counter and also a tiled floor area for snack time. There is also a separate bathroom, child-sized. Diaper changing tables are available in both the babies and toddler rooms.

3’s & 4’s

The 3 year old/4 year olds room is located downstairs on the basement level alongside other children’s classrooms. This room is B-11. This is a normal sized classroom designed for young children. It is preferable that children in this room are potty trained. However, we understand some children are still in training. Please discuss this with the teacher. A hall bathroom is available for all children. Specific guidelines are implemented for safe bathroom procedures.

All nurseries have snacks available. PLEASE let your teacher know if your child has any allergies. A special sticker will be worn to indicate such allergy. If your child has allergies, please either provide a snack you know they can eat or let the teacher know if what we have available will work.

Soon there will be a specific check-in/out process for dropping off and picking up your children. Stickers can be obtained here on the classroom.

As stated above, all of our nurseries have trained, background checked workers. Therefore, it is our policy that parents not stay in the classroom with their children. A few minutes dropping off to acclimate a newcomer is reasonable. If your child is having difficulty after you leave and does not seem to be acclimating after a reasonable time then we will come to your classroom or the sanctuary to locate you. Thank you for understanding our desire to keep your child and other children safe.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the church office/secretary at 540-373-8377. Please leave the phone number at which you can be reached and ask the secretary to give your information to Mary Schatz, Nursery Director. I will return your call as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you and your little one soon!